Liposonix sculpting by Ms Angelica Kavouni, Female Cosmetic Surgeon, Harley Street London          
New, improved - and FDA approved - Liposonix Gen II speeds up effective non-surgical fat removal

Responding to client and clinician feedback, the developers of Liposonix have tweaked the old system, making it faster and more comfortable by:
Liposonix challenges all other non-invasive fat removal systems. The real ‘lunchtime fix’, this procedure can be performed quickly with no cuts, minimal discomfort (nerves are unaffected), no anaesthetic and no downtime. Sound waves are delivered at high intensity and frequency essentially blasting and killing carefully targeted fat cells whilst surrounding tissues, skin surface and underlying organs are left untouched.

The latest in non-surgical fat fixing – sculpting bikini bodies all over London this new, powerful, ultrasound technology is proving really popular with men and women looking to get rid of those stubborn fat bits on the tummy and hips.

Angelica: “I’ve been looking for a real non-invasive alternative to surgical liposuction and am now proud to offer my patients this high tech option. Melting fat with the same technology used to destroy prostate tumours, my patients are experiencing from 2 to 6 cms circumferential losses which is great. You will feel tingling sensations during the procedure and a degree of bruising and swelling afterwards which settles within a week to 10 days.”

Liposonix sculpting by Ms Angelica Kavouni, Female Cosmetic Surgeon, Harley Street London

Liposonix - Featured in Tatler
Liposonix treatment by Angelica Kavouni - featured in Tatler
Middle-age spread
The solution: Liposonix is a high-frequency, focused ultrasound that melts fat on the stomach, flanks and thighs. Unlike the gentle ultrasonic waves used to scan unborn babies, this kind of ultrasound has sharp points, which target fat and destroy it without harming the surrounding tissues. The fat is then flushed out via the liver.

Pain factor:

There is no sugar coating this - it hurts like hell. You are advised to take painkillers before the treatment but this dies little to help. The process takes about 45 minutes and consists of 40 ultrasonic shots, each lasting about half a minute. When the ultrasound is passed over the target area it crackles and heats the skin with a deep gnawing.

Immediately afterwards your skin looks slightly red and feels like you have pins and needles, so don't wear anything tight fitting for the first day. This settles down quickly, but expect some bruising. Exercise should be taken in moderation, as your tummy might feel slightly tender and jelly-like for two or three days.

9/10. This is not an overnight cure - you will only start to notice a difference about six weeks after treatment - but, boy, what a difference it makes. Our tester dropped a dress size and lost a staggering 7cm around her waist. Some 11months on, she still feels fabulous in a clingy Alaia dress


Case Study

liposonix before and after imagesI've been trying to shift my pot belly for years now - unsuccessfully! Needless to say I was intrigued to hear about Liposonix - safe, non-invasive, no downtime and effective...brilliant! With a little apprehension I booked in to see Ms Angelica Kavouni, I don't know why I was so nervous as she was delightful - and very reassuring. It seemed that I had just the right type of 'fat bits' for Liposonix treatment!

Day of treatment:
Beforehand I was given a strong pain killer and then Angelica marked my belly whilst giving instructions to the nurse as to which settings to use.

Emma, the nurse then set to the challenge of treating my awful wobbly bits. She placed the Liposonix paddle on my stomach, carefully following the mapped out sections whilst the machine delivered the ultrasound waves.

Was it painless?
No, it certainly wasn't but the pain killers helped and the bursts of energy were short lived so it became tolerable; interestingly some parts were more painful than others which Angelica said was probably due to bony bits (didn't think I had any!) and nerve endings.

The treatment finished after thirty minutes with no visible changes (the area felt a bit numb) so I headed home on the tube. As the days passed the bruising became more pronounced - peaking on day 3 and I also felt bloated for several days.

The bruising soon settled and I almost forgot I had undergone a procedure. Eight weeks after the Liposonix treatment I sensed my jeans were loose but didn't appreciate the full benefit until Angelica photographed me three months later. I actually lost 7 cms around my waist!!

Amazing result and I'm thrilled that finally I have a flat tummy...bring on my summer holiday.